Rachel is a writer, director and editor represented by Casarotto.


Her feature film, ADULT LIFE SKILLS, was nominated for six BIFA’s and won two. It won the ‘Nora Ephron Prize’ at Tribeca Film Festival (2016), ‘Best Debut Screenwriter’ from the Writers Guild, the ‘Accession Award’ for Screenwriting at the East End Film Festival and was nominated for ‘Best Debut Feature Film’ by the London Critics Circle. Her short film EMOTIONAL FUSEBOX was nominated for a BAFTA and a BIFA.

Rachel co-wrote MILITARY WIVES (42 / Lionsgate) and is currently writing CHICKEN RUN 2, THE FIRST BUCKINGHAM PALACE GIRL GUIDE TROOP (Pathe) and MIS-SHAPES (Working Title).



Growing up in Sheffield in the 80s the closest Rachel came to the film industry was a rumour that a man down the road was a Dalek. Nevertheless, her passion for storytelling was demonstrated early on by her habit of holding on to the furniture when they fired the canon in MARY POPPINS and taking photos of the TV when Scott and Charlene got married on NEIGHBOURS (because they didn’t have a video recorder).


When her childhood dreams of owning a shell suit and having a perm were thwarted by her parents fear that she’d accidentally set fire to herself she developed new aspirations.


By her mid-teens she harboured dreams of walking down la Croisette in a beret, smoking filterless Gauloises and having everyone respect her as an auteur. A dream only slightly undermined by her deep love of WAYNES WORLD and THE BEASTIE BOYS and her inability to grasp the possessive apostrophe.


Rachel has built a career on making cups of tea, telling jokes and being bad at table tennis.