Boys of Summer

Feature film in development with Film Four and Duck Soup


Best friends Alice and Jack (34, straight / gay) are inseparable. Their friendship is seemingly brilliant – all of their emotional needs are met by each other, and the sex situation is functional: Jack uses Grindr and Alice sexts (often married) men to get her kicks. She doesn’t actually have sex with them, mind. Instead she uses an industrial sized vibrator that plugs into the mains and makes the lights flicker.

The problem is that Alice and Jack both want romantic relationships, but it’s not happening, and now the ‘hilarious’ pact they made about having babies together at 35 if they were still single is looming large and starting to seem a little bit, erm… awkward. When they’re invited to a celebrity party in the Spanish mountains Alice thinks it provides the perfect excuse to finally go on their ‘Buddymoon’ – a road trip they have been fantasising about since they left university over a decade ago. Jack sees it differently though: as an opportunity to get it on with Ethan – a slightly bonkers but super hot American celebrity.

With their unspoken, differing concepts of what the trip is about, the two hit the road. But as Ethan joins them in the car and she becomes a bit of a third wheel, Alice’s jealousy of the budding relationship between Jack and Ethan propels her into irrational attempts to re-establish herself as Jack’s No. 1 friend and confidant.

As they arrive at their dream party destination tensions come to a head: Jack is having the time of his life and falling for someone big time – and Alice is feeling alienated, lost and essentially like she is being dumped. When Alice’s inappropriate sexting catches up with her in humiliating fashion, Jack sees her desperate need for consolation as her simply trying to sabotage his happiness. And as they descend into the mother of all rows it is clear that their once brilliant friendship is now completely dysfunctional and unsustainable.

BOYS OF SUMMER is a coming of age film about the joy and addiction of great friendships and the universal fear of being alone. It’s a story that explores the moment when a relationship needs to re-calibrate but that recognises and celebrates the enduring nature of true friendships: ones that are messy and brilliant, intense and ridiculous; ones that survive by evolving across our ever-changing lives.